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How the bud took the risk to blossom

Having started my career as a web developer I expected a friendly environment where job roles are defined as per the skills and exploring the new ideas in trend setting. However, this isn't a widely accepted thought as more emphasis is laid on new sales over any exploration and completing the previous jobs successfully is overlooked. With every passing year the belief became stronger by working in different web designing & development companies and digital agencies. This invoked me to start a business of my own, with client satisfaction and skill exploration as the revolving points for growth and stability in the market. Having a similar experience, Rohit (Founder and CEO) joined in the idea for sales recognition and support, and the seed of XenelSoft was sowed. - Nalini Tomar (Managing Director)


Framing of the term 'XenelSoft'

The idea for new setup was on, but 'how the identity would be defined in front of everyone?' became the next concern. Having searched and thought in all dimensions looking for a term that depicts a reflection of brilliant professionals, we came up with an idea of creating a word to which we could give a definition ourselves. It took us more than three months to work with the thought, that's how XenelSoft came into existence. Nalini (Founder and Managing Director) have given a term Xenelians to define every individual in the organization.


Prime Goal

The thrust to defy the traditional pattern gave XenelSoft its supreme goal to create an environment focused on the exploration of employee's skills and client satisfaction. At XenelSoft, the satisfaction of employees is essential. The services are well versed with the client's requirement to ensure every bit of specification is met thoroughly. This has resulted in an upscale of our brand value by creating positive employee morale, retaining present customers and we aim to follow the same in future.

Our Certifications