Google SGE: Google Search Generative Experience Explained in 2024
May 27, 2024

The Future of Search is AI :

Google is working on its Search Generative Experience to provide better results to the users. They are still working on the update to make the search more informative and analytical. AI-Powered Search is reshaping the search and adapting new algorithms to stay ahead in the marketing and providing better results to the users.
The future of Search is not just limited to the use of keywords in the modern era. It’s about understanding the utility of AI with the search. In the recent scenario, Search is not just providing results related to keywords but using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide better search results of the complex queries asked by the users. Generative AI is not only limited to providing accurate results to the users but to provide the complete solution of the questions in the minds of the users to provide the highest level of trustworthiness and expertise.
Generative AI is collectively working with the E-E-A-T Algorithm released by Google to provide better results and to step forward in the field of Artificial Intelligence through Search.

Introduction to Google SGE :

Search Generative Experience is a new way to refine search with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Google SGE user Artificial Intelligence to provide the best possible answer for your queries.
This can help you out in various task, listed:

  • Finding Answers
  • Discovering New Topics
  • Summarizing Complex Queries
  • Getting better instruction to perform the task effectively.

Google directs you to multiple trustworthy websites to find the best answer for the query.
Suppose if you are searching for “Best Schools” it will not only share you the list of schools but provide you a proper categorization of the different types of schools that will help you find the best suitable school for your kid.

Below is the Screenshot which specifies How Search Generative Works ?

Google will facilitate you with perfect information about your query and help you choose the best alternative for your question.

How to Turn ON Google SGE to your system:

To use Google SGE you need to have a :

  • Chrome Browser
  • A Google Account (Logged in to the browser)
  • To be 18+ of Age
  • To be present in one of the 120+ Countries Google launches this feature.

Google Search Generative is just an experiment which comes true in the early 2024’s for all the users of the greatest search engine Google.
Follow the following steps to turn On Search Generative to your browser:

  • Open the CHROME Browser and login to the Email ID into it
  • Click on the SEARCH LABS icon at the Right of the Browser window
  • A New page will open in front of you to SEARCH LABS Experimental.
  • Your next step is to click on the “Join Search Labs” Button to start your journey.
  • Click on the “Try an Example” button to be a part of the AI Experiment from Google.

Here you go. With the above steps you will be able to be a part of the Search Generative Experience from Google and this will enable you to find the best answers for your complex queries from Google.

How Does Search Generative AI Work ?

To use Google Search Generative Experience you need to understand what is Generative AI ?
In simple terms, Generative AI refers to the algorithms and models to provide answers, create content using the images, audio and even code.
Let’s Break Down it into points:
Generative AI Models work on Large Language Models (LLMs) to compile data and they are trained to deal with vast amounts of data to analyze and suggest the best possible answers for your queries.
Google is using Pathways Language Model 2 (PALM 2) as their Large Language Models. This is the same as Google is using in its other projects like Gmail’s ( Help to Write ) Feature.
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With Generative AI, Google is using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These technologies help Google to understand the User Queries better and process relevant content as per it.
Let’s Take an example of the Search Query – “best school to toddlers”
Google SGE uses this technology to provide the best possible answer for your query.
Will try to understand in points:

  • While Searching the query Generative AI provides you an introduction about your idea and suggests you with the various programmes present there for kids in India.
  • Further it provides you the list of schools which are nearby your location and are good for toddlers.
  • It also provides you the brief overview of the skills toddler schools develop in your kids to educate you on which to choose and improve your decision.
  • Search Generative is also providing you the option to ask your queries to suggest the best possible solution for your query.
  • While tested to go further in search. We have asked Generative AI to provide the Fees too with the schools.
  • Here we go. It also provides the Average Fees and helps us with the data to finalize the best school for your kid.

Benefits of Google’s Search Generative Experience :

Search Generative Experience has the following capabilities which will help you provide simple answers for every complex queries.

  • Simple Overview of Complex Queries :
    Google’s SGE provides the simple solutions of your complex queries which you can easily understand and follow.
  • Conversational Results:
    SGE is more interactive than traditional search . Google suggests you suggest queries but also ask for more logical queries from you to provide high relevant and in depth knowledge to its users
  • Fast and Direct Information:
    Google SGE is fast and more precise. It will provide you the simple answers for the queries to save your time and provide the best answer in short.|| Struggling to navigate the ever-changing world of SEO? Partner with a trusted SEO service provider agency and watch your website soar! ||


Text-based content is not the only thing that ranks. Google SGE results show images, videos, location maps, and product listings. So, create content using a range of formats and use the right schema markup to give your website the best chance to rank

Downsides of Google’s Search Generative Experience

  • Geographical Limitations :
    Currently, SGE is only experimental in 120 Countries.
  • Chances of Inaccuracy in Data:
    Search Generative is experimental as of now. It will vary the inaccuracies in data.
  • Less Visibility for Paid Search:
    Advertising is the primary source of revenue for many companies and you will need to be careful while using Generative AI for your ads.
    Google is testing the Generative AI Ads and will launch in the next few months for a better search experience of users.
  • Focus on Images and videos more than Content:
    Google’s New Update is focussing on providing the most possible solution to the users. To make it true it is providing the images, FAQs, Videos and questions to provide the best answer of the users query.

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