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June 28, 2024

Many SEO’s are now moving back to learn about indexing and crawling of the websites as the evolution of Google SEO Updates. After the recent SEO Update, Search Generative Experience, Search Indexing is the most crucial and important part of SEO nowadays. Many SEO’s all over the world are interacting over the social media and seo communities to evaluate the effects and outcomes of SGE keeping the issues of Indexing and crawling of the websites.

Introduction to Search Indexing :

Indexing is a most common term on Search Engines to organize the information and keep the website in a vast database of Google. As per the current reports on 21 April 2023, Google had over 25 billion web pages indexed all over the globe. These websites consist of ecommerce, services and many more. With the help of Indexing Google tries to understand the nature and services of the website.

How do Google Index your websites :

Indexing of a website or a website is crucial for search rankings on Google. Similarly, to perform this specific and important task Google has created multiple Spiders or Crawlers which are moving all over the web to find new and more accurate information about a particular topic or query.

Successful Indexing of a website facilitates to improve the Search Rankings on Google. Google is a widely used search engine and everyone wants to increase the visibility and search rankings on google to get a good amount of leads and traffic to their brand.

For instance, Google verifies your website for Algorithms Compatible and then proceeds for Search Indexing.

A website needs to surpass the three step process to visible on Google Search Results :

  • Crawling :
    The First interaction of Google with your website starts with crawling of your website. Google can discover your website from multiple sources whether from Sitemap directly or finds your website somewhere else on Google.Once your website is crawled by Google it keeps a snapshot of your websites and keeps them in the database. Google reads the content, images and videos on your website and evaluates the nature of information your webpages offer.With the view of the below image, you can get a brief view of how crawling and indexing works by Google.

  • Indexing :
    Indexing is the second phase of getting into the search of Google. It is more crucial for your website to be compatible for indexing on Search Engines.Below are the ways you can check for your website open for Indexing or not : Few are the Factors which affects the Indexing on Google :

    No Index Tag :

    No-Index tag is used to prevent your website from indexing. If your website has a No-Index tag added on it then Google will get the message of not indexing your websites for search engines.

    Content Quality :

    Google will remove your website from getting indexed if the Content of your website is duplicate, irrelevant or not suitable for users to read. You need to keep a check on the content of your website and generate the content which will be valuable for your users to understand.

    Below are some parameters related to content in SEO :

    Value :

    Your content should be valuable for your target audience and provide a deep meaning to the queries of the users on Google.

    Relevancy :

    Relevant content is must to rank higher on Search Engines like Google. Google has recently updated its algorithms to improve the nature of search for users. Currently, if your website content does not meet the relevancy criteria it would be de-indexed or not indexed by Google.

    Credibility :

    The Content on the website must surpass the credibility score of the search engines like Google. The content must be unique, keyword rich and also solves the actual problem of the user.

    Expertise :

    The content you are offering on the website must be valuable and pass the criteria of experience in the specified field. Suppose you are providing the content for Digital Marketing then you must need to be a digital marketer first or your website must depict the nature of a marketing agency.

  • Serving and Ranking :The Final and the most important phase of the Search is Rankings on the Focus keywords. Every website owner in the world has a noble goal to rank better on their targeted keywords. Google works with multiple Ranking Algorithms which will analyze the website and provide the Search Positions accordingly.Google will only rank the websites which are useful for the users and provides the relevant and the most accurate information to the user search query.

Process for Indexing a website on Google :

Step-1 . Searching :

Google Spiders / Crawlers finds your website somewhere on Google or from Sitemap.

Step-2. Crawling :

Spider crawls each and every page of your website and keeps a snapshot of the data with him to evaluate further.

Step-3. Analysis :

Google then analyzes the content with the page url and internal links added to the webpage.

Step-4. Storage / Database Screening :

Google Stores your website in its database servers to check if it is compatible with the algorithms or not.

Step-5. Quality Examination :

Google will evaluate the quality of your website in terms of: Unique Content, Domain Authority, Backlinks Quality, etc .

Below is the Example for how Google provides the best possible results to its users

Search Query : Best ORM Company USA

Here are the Search Results :

Google is Showing XenelSoft Technologies in Top-10 Positions of Google because for the Search Query, it is the most relevant and the important search results which will benefit users to enroll for the ORM Services for their business.

Some Ways by which the Search Rankings are Improved :

1. Your webpage should load quickly and cleanly.
2. Your website should be mobile-friendly.
3. Keep the webpage updated with useful content.
4. Regular Updation and addition of relevant information to the webpage.
5. Work on the user experience by not having tricks like clickbait, bad grammar, and various other items. These are measured by various methods, such as loading performance, cumulative layout shift, and others.

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