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Website designing works as a tool to leverage the true potential of a business. Imagination and content structuring are weaved together to come out with an impressive piece of work. An impressive website has the potential to fetch good sales, which can only be crafted after proper analysis and comprehension. To attain these requisites one needs to hire an expert website designing company.

What we propose

At XenelSoft the ideal reflection is given to your business, and the face is molded to project the business standards. The exclusivity and the creativity anchor the design by embracing a unique layout to spread the message of the company. We make sure that the crafting of the style will be creative and fit in your brand reputability.

We serve the clients globally, offering them layouts prepared with an artistic approach that can win the user’s mind and make them show their involvement. A lively and user-friendly interface is more engaging and our website designing team provides you the same. The prime motto is to create result driven websites and being an ideal website designing company, XenelSoft has been successful in making our customers happy by keeping the words.

Our firm belief lies in creating eye-catching layouts that can sustain the interest of the audiences; this is where we edge above all by creative and striking ideas to build a potent business website.

The evident elements around which a website design is wheeled are as follows:

Custom Website Designing

Custom Layout Designing

Nowadays, templates are easily available for the website designs, but, having a custom design over the templates has its own benefits. Templates are used widely because of their easy availability; therefore more than one firm can have similar layouts. However, choosing a custom design would keep the layout unique and enhance the brand reputation. Features can easily be planned in a custom design, which might be overlooked if using the templates. A custom design has better graphics to engage customers.

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e-commerce Website Designing

E-Commerce Website Designing

Every business wants to reach the maximum customers, for which they want their websites to be acutely user-friendly. However, they fall back in the competition if they cannot create it to be engaging. E-commerce website design solely talks about the business promotional portal that meets the requirement of sales increase. The basic need is to make it as easy as possible for the user and interest retaining at the same time, only then would a layman surf through the display and show his/her involvement.

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Web Application Designing

Web Application Designing

A web application design constitutes of representation components. These components have to be designed in a user-friendly manner whilst keeping the different aspects separately to avoid complexity. There are many issues to be considered during the application designing, namely: Page rendering, Validation, Caching, Navigation, Page Layout, Authentication, Application Request Processing etc. The different layers should integrate to give the desired functionality.

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cms website designing

CMS Website Designing

The traditional websites were not familiar with the CMS pattern. Static pages were developed on the systems and if there were any changes to be made, the professionals had to work from the beginning itself. The problem arose when heavy websites came into existence, and starting the procedure to make minimal changes became a complexity. CMS came as an important toolbox and the changes can now be updated easily. The list of CMS available includes Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla etc.

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logo designing

Logo Designing

A logo is an element through which a business brand is identified in the crowd. Undoubtedly, there are so many providers of the similar services or products, so, how a company can start the point of differentiation? It’s by getting a unique logo design. A logo is innately attached to a business; therefore the design should depict a message behind the name or symbol of the company. An element that is chosen to represent the company name should reflect the business standards.

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