Website Development Progressions To Watch In This Year
December 20, 2017

An online website and website development are very important in today’s scenario for businesses to sustain themselves. However a website that doesn’t match with the current trends and frameworks will never be able to streamline the attention of audiences. In recent years, new tools and techniques have evolved and made compulsory for online businesses to adhere to them skillfully. A website with rich and impactful graphics or content will never be able to catch the attention of potential buyers, for that website requires something extra. Website development goes hand in hand with the designing process of the websites and therefore down below are the few bent that developers need to be familiar with to tackle the new transitions taking into the market. Following are the few bents or trends that are likely to be seen as more impactful in 2018.

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Google AMP

With the increment in mobile users, it has become indispensable for websites to be mobile-responsive. Google launched its features called accelerated mobile pages i.e. AMP to improve the experience of the users. The AMPed pages are 4 times faster than the traditional mobile pages. To catch the attention of the user, every website has 3 seconds; if the website doesn’t load within 3 seconds then the user will opt out. For 2018, the use of AMP is primal to focus.

Single Page Websites

We often see many websites that have folds and multiple pages which ultimately distract the users. Single-page websites are gaining attention because of their easy usability and non-complexities. These web development services are suitable for those businesses who want to display themselves online without confusing or distracting the user. They are user-friendly, and cost-effective, as they require no design and layout, and are suitable for mobile devices. These websites will be the mainstream for the coming years.


We live in a country where culture and language are the two diverse parameters. The websites need to address the different languages to gain the attention of customers of every culture in the coming years.


According to sources, by 2020 85% of customer services will be done with the help of artificial intelligence simply known as chatbots. With time passing by, customers have become more responsive and need an immediate solution to their queries. A well-designed and programmed chatbot will make the user experience flawless and will persuade them always to come back for more.

The above are the few trends that you need to look forward to maintain your virtual presence. Get in touch with the website development services to meet the coming changes diligently.

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