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June 7, 2024

Generative AI is the proven and valuable tool for marketers to market engaging and valuable content on search engines. It can give the users a personalized experience and value information with correct facts and figures. With the help of Generative AI, Marketers can generate High Quality SEO Content which will add a value to the website rankings.

Search Generative Experience or Generative AI is helpful in getting more engagement and sales to the business.

Below are some reasons why Generative AI can be helpful for every marketer:

  • Customer Journey :

    AI Models like Chat GPT and Gemini have a huge amount of data which helps to identify trends and patterns of customer journey based on their influences , behavior and preferences. With the help of Generative AI marketers can get the data of any specific age group, location and preferences.

    Below is the example of how Generative AI provides the answer of query :
    #Prompt: Data of Men prefer Cold Drink over Alcohol in the United States….

    Generative AI will provide a complete overview of the ideas which will be helpful for marketers to understand their target customers.

  • Content Generation :
    With the emergence of AI, Marketers can now generate High Quality Engaging Content with proper and correct information about their target audience. ChatGPT and Google Gemini provide a high quality framework which enables users to collect valuable information, facts and figures . AI also helps to generate high quality SEO Friendly content to post on High Authority Websites.
  • Image and Video Creation:

    Image and Video Generation is made easier now with AI. Tools like- Runway, MidJourney, etc are the most reliable tools used by Marketers to generate AI generated videos. These tools are prompt and text based tools where you need to provide a well designed prompt for what you want to generate and enter it to the tools. They will generate for you the best video which will help you to share your views among your audience and increase the reach of your content.

    Videos are the best medium to convey your ideas and in a most effective way. With the help of these AI tools marketers nowadays are driving a good amount of traffic to their websites or brands.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

    AI is more helpful in Keyword Research and making successful clusters and analyzing tons of keywords to target their market. With the help of various AI tools like Gemini , Chat GPT, etc marketers can research for their focus keywords and market them in the best possible way to their target customers.

    With the Evolution of Generative AI, Marketers are now facilitated with creating engaging content which will be helpful to create a trend in the market.

    Further things can be done with Generative AI are as under:
    1. Research and Prepare the Keyword Cluster.
    2. Generate High Quality Content on the focus keywords.
    3. Identify the targeted audience and analyze the behavior of their customers.
    4. Identify Keyword Gap Analysis and new opportunities for growth.
    5. Develop Engaging and SEO Friendly content for the website.

  • Market Segmentation :
  • According to the Survey in 2023, by the BCG Group , they specified the Power of Generative AI for market segmentation which would be most beneficial for marketers nowadays.
    Better customer targeting comes with better segmentation and analysis of the trends and tastes of your target audience.

    Generative AI can be helpful in analyzing multiple data in less time and making you available anytime with a proper analysis and segmentation of your data.

    How Generative AI is helpful in the segmentation of Data for Marketers:

    1. Leveraging Data for Segmentation Tasks:

    AI Powered Customer Segmentation is used in various types of categories including- Age, Gender, Location and Preference. It also concludes with the psychographic data including- Values, Interests and Lifestyle.

    2. Developing Customer Persona:

    Customer personas are the fictional representation of different segments of a target audience based on demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data. AI-powered customer segmentation can help your business develop detailed and data-driven customer personas by analyzing large volumes of customer data which helps to identify the common characteristics, preferences, and behaviors within each segment.

    3. Dynamic segmentation and real-time insights:

    Customer Segmentation with Generative AI offers marketers the advantage of dynamic segmentation that enables marketers to adapt and refine their segmentation strategies in real time. Unlike traditional customer segmentation methods which basically rely on fixed criteria to categorize customers into segments, dynamic segmentation leverages AI-Powered algorithms to analyze evolving customer data continuously and provide the best possible outcomes with accurate data.

    4. Hyper-personalization and contextual marketing:

    Generative AI segmentation enables a hyper personalization in results by leveraging advanced algorithms to deliver tailored messages, offers and experiences for individual customers. With the Old and traditional segmentation methods that group customers into broad categories, AI segmentation allows marketers to analyze a vast amount of customer data and identify unique preferences, behaviors, and interests at the individual level.

  • Sentiment Analysis :

    With the Help of Generative AI, marketers can analyze the sentiments of their customers. Machine Learning is advanced now and it can process- Reviews, Ratings, Feedback and Social Media Comments to provide you the best possible outcomes on the sentiments of your target customer base.

  • Lead Generation :

    Lead Generation is one of the most important tasks for an ECommerce website. With the help of Generative AI, marketers can generate a lot of leads to their brand which will be helpful to drive more and more business to the brand. With the help of AI Tools , Marketers can Easily collect data, analyze the data for quality leads and convert them into their value customers. Leads can be based on – Demographic Data, Online Buying Behaviour, Buying Pattern, Surfing Ratio and so on.

  • Customer Support :

    Marketers can use Conversational AI Tools which would be helpful for them in communicating with the client anytime and prepare a report of the data which would be helpful for tracking purposes.

    1. Marketers can add AI-powered chatbots to offer round-the-clock assistance on multiple platforms.
    2. AI- Powered Personalized recommendations based on browsing history and transactions to capture the Search Data.
    3. Multilingual capabilities to support queries in numerous languages and localizations.
    4. AI voice support to manage telephonic conversations across the globe.
    5. Engage with buyers on social media channels to maintain brand presence.
    6. Automate emails to promptly address common problems.

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