How Marketers uses Generative AI for Search
May 31, 2024

Search Generative Experience is the latest update from Google which enables search engines like Google to use Generative AI to resolve user queries and provide a better solution for the user query. Google is working on Search Generative Experience to deliver better results in terms of informative and analytical data.

Key benefits of Generative AI:

According to the latest survey, 90% of marketers nowadays are using AI tools in their daily lives. Starting from Data collection, Analysis and reaching their target audience marketers are using Generative AI to target their target audience and generate better ROI on their campaigns. In the next 2 years the use of Generative AI seems to be at the boom.

Some key benefits of using Generative AI are listed as under:

  • Easy Data Collection:
    Generative AI helps you in providing the initial insights of the market which marketers use to target their desired audience. This will provide you insights of what is performing in the market and what is the mood of the users searching for your target product.
  • Detailed Data Analysis:
    Generative AI facilitates marketers with the near exact information which they can use in their marketing campaigns to target their perfect audience. This will lead the formation of a perfect marketing strategy that will benefit the business in generating more revenue and traffic to their brand.
  • Make Complicated topics easier:
    Search Generative Experience is mainly focussing on providing easy solutions for complex queries. With the user of Generative AI, businesses will prepare high quality and user engaging content to market their target audience. Search Generative allows marketers to create custom and engaging pitches which will help them to provide the better idea of their services to their clients. Marketers can use ChatGPT and Gemini to create and alter engaging content for their website or blogs.Suppose we have taken a query – ” How many users are using Whatsapp “
  • Creating Engaging Content :
    Generative AI is more helpful in generating high quality content for your marketing campaigns which will help modern marketers to focus on their specific target audience. With the latest feature of Google, marketers can generate High Quality SEO Content with proper insights and figures.
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  • Summarizing information for Clarity :
    With the help of Generative AI, marketers are able to collect the complete facts and figures of the data which will help them to choose the best customer to target. This will help marketers to deliver the quality content with proper insights so that they can get better engagement.
  • Rewriting/ Refining their content :
    Artificial Intelligence like ChatGpt and Gemini, Marketers can rephrase their content and add many informative punchlines which will help marketers to engage users onto their blogs. Also, these AI tools are a better user in complete research of the topics and generating engaging and effective headings and subheadings which will impact the reading experience of the users.

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Search Generative Experience will offer immediate responses to the marketers and provide relevant information for their complex or simple queries. SGE helps marketers to provide personalized search results that will be aligned with the user’s perspective. With the help of SGE marketers research a lot about their prospect customers which helps them to target them as per their needs and wants.

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