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November 8, 2017

38% of people across the world stated that if the website’s content or layout is unattractive they will stop using it. 48% of people believe the credibility of a business depends upon its website designing and theme. 94% of people stated that the only reason behind their distrusting or rejecting a business online is its web layout.

With all these above stats and data it has now become indispensable for the designer to look up for the upcoming changes going to take over in the next coming years or in 2018. Attaining customer’s trust for a business is becoming difficult day by day with some old themes and ideas. For web designers, the task in 2018 is to achieve positive website performance, visitor engagement, and healthy conversions. We are providing insights on the new or existing trends that are likely to expand in the coming age.

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More Use of Geometric Shapes –

The 2D designs still persist but the changes in them will be seen in the coming 2018. More use of geometric shapes like circles, patterns, and lines will take place to enhance the entire look of the business websites to gain the prospective attention of customers.

Bright Colour Palette –

We all love the rich and vivid colors of a website. The flat colors will turn into a combination of multi-colors. The websites will work on more bright colors that do not turn into flashy ones. This year many companies changed their website elements from simple to something lively. This trend is likely to be seen more in 2018.

Inviting Graphics and pictures –

The graphics have not been fully discovered, there are some aspects that still need to evolve. Sketch art or simply handmade drawings have won the hearts of people over printed ones. Line art icons on the website have always enticed the public and we believe it will continue to do so in 2018 as well.

Brainy Infographics –

Infographics are a great way to concise the text or content in an image form. This combination of textual representation with visual images is a popular way to gain the attention of potential customers to a business. The challenge for designers in 2018 will be to come up with more interesting ways to build a strong connection with the users.

More of Creative Typography –

Typography basically is the art of making a written text readable yet appealing when displayed. The task of designers is to come up with stylish yet user-friendly typography in the coming years.

The above are the few changes or shifts that are likely to be seen in coming 2018 for an attractive and informative web layout. The task of web designers is to accurately study them and start working on the above parameters in advance itself. They say it’s better to work in a proactive manner rather than in a reactive one. Opt for our website designing services to meet these changes significantly.

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