5 Easy Ways To Augment Productivity In The Workplace
February 6, 2020

5 Easy Ways To Augment Productivity In The Workplace

Best Ways To Increase Productivity

Employees are an asset to a company. In this competitive world, every company wants productivity and it seems SMEs and some big organizations adopted the motto of “do more with less”. That’s why everyone is in a hurry to complete the task by the given deadline and this hampers productivity. This attitude becomes a wall between the productivity of the company and growth. The goal of writing this blog is to find ways for you to increase productivity and be an asset to a company, not a liability.

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Productivity at work isn’t rocket science; making changes to your habits in the workplace can improve productivity and efficiency in your work. This will reduce the time you spend on unnecessary tasks and help you get the work done in a shorter time. The following are tips that can surely increase the productivity of the employee.


There are lots of things in the office that can distract the employees from showing productivity. Mobile phones are huge productivity killers. But in the organization, you can’t have a no-phone policy. Other shallow works also affect the work of an employee and this results in no productivity.

Companies can encourage the workers to turn off mobiles but you can take breaks to check if something important came up. This can help the employee to increase productivity.


Companies can encourage employees by giving appreciation for the good job they are doing. Most importantly they should offer incentives for the work they are doing in the company. This will make them work more and increase the productivity of the company. Take employees out for coffee or out of stations. Giving appreciation in front of all the staff can motivate them to work more.

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A workplace with stress and continuous pressure will not result in productivity. The employees who work under stressful conditions are found to be less productive and become a liability to the company. Showing appreciation and respect for the employee is gratifying. If you want the worker to give you the results then you should make them happy with the policies of the organization.


The performance of the company is also affected by the rude and not-so-supportive staff. Help them when they need your help. Support the employee and them guidance if needed. This will motivate them and help them to increase the productivity of the company. Give them an incentive and help them achieve their goals. This will increase the productivity of the company.


Beginners in an organization always chase perfection but in reality, perfection is an illusion. That’s why rather than wasting time chasing perfection, do the work that shows your ability. Perfection can cause a waste of time. It is better to complete the assigned task and move it off the plate.

Most importantly, the procrastination habit of an employee is the main culprit of productivity issues in an organization. After all, it is not rocket science and you can achieve it by following the tips mentioned above. If you have any queries regarding the blog then comment below.

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