Variations That Graphic Designers Should Stick In This Year
January 3, 2018

When the aim is to build a business website, attractive themes, and graphic designers cannot be subsided in such a case. We know the businesses have only 0.5 seconds to hold the gaze of potential buyers presented online. With the rise in the amount of tablet and mobile users, it has become necessary to invest time and effort in making a website user-friendly as well as creative to captivate the attention of users. Creatively designed websites are also necessary to rank a website in the top search engine result pages. Following are the 5 variations that business websites need to know before preparing for a creative and catchy website.

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Chaotic and Cropped Typography

We know user experience is king when there is a battle between attractive graphics and the user’s attention. Typography has been ruling for years and will still in the upcoming years but with a different curve. The use of more disturbed and cropped typography will be an emerging trend. The written text with no alignment and erased portions of letters with clear readability will be the winner.

3D Designs with the Same Background Colours

We all love to see the eye-popping 3d designs on the website but if they are treated with the same color as the background, they will simply turn out to be an eye-pleaser. This way the images will look as if they are popping out from the surface.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

We know every design that is created is done after a lot of imagination and hard work. The hand-drawn illustrations and drawings will drive the attention of prospective users in the coming time. These illustrations will be self-explanatory and will persuade the user to sit back and make a conclusion out of it, this way websites will reap out more engagement.

The Glitch Effect

The disrupted and glitch effect images have been becoming show-stopers nowadays. People are becoming more oriented towards images and themes that are confusing and chaotic to look at. The corrupted images are likely to rule in the coming time.

The Colour Channels Effect

Playing with colors is the new mission of designers. They will be focusing on creating images that create an illusion in the mind of viewers and bring into effect a distorted reality or hallucination within one’s mind. These effects are highly influential in gaining the attention of visitors.

The above are the few curves of graphic designing that a business can learn with the help of the best website designing company.


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