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September 5, 2018

Over the past few years, WordPress has facilitated millions of people worldwide in executing their business with several designs to choose from for their professional websites. It is a CMS website that enables a person to create his or her own website and manage the content without any technological assistance. It includes a lot of interesting themes and templates according to the different businesses.

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Common Display Formats

WordPress basically displays all the blogs in either post format or page format. If a person opts for page format, WordPress showcases the content in reverse order of their publication dates. On the other hand, the website displays the posts in the form of a list or through multiple pages with the choice of page format.

These two formats may have facilitated several people but I was one of those exceptional people who expected more from WordPress until I used its ‘custom posts type’ feature.

Professional Content Display Option

With the introduction of this feature, the content can be displayed in a creative and organized manner. ‘Custom post type’ allows WordPress website users to arrange their posts under different categories on various pages without affecting the overall layout in case of any changes in the future. It reflects the information and graphics in the form of a menu that gives the content a more attractive look.

For instance, if a hotel wants to display all its services on a single page then it can present these in the form of a list. With this facility, whenever a person will click on any sub-category available in the menu, the proper information related to that subcategory will be presented on the page. Besides this, it facilitates the user to add or delete any sub-category without disturbing the overall design of the page.

Why I Always Choose WordPress?

Being a web developer, it is important for me to owe a website that highlights my content in the most professional way and nothing served this purpose better than WordPress. With ‘custom posts type’ I can display unlimited information without the stress of disrupting the layout of a page or re-designing the page.

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