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April 24, 2019

Digital marketing has proven to be one of the most effective techniques in the modern era of marketing. Even though it has emerged in recent years, it’s growing at a really fast pace. And every year new competitors in the market- which means new challenges to get what they are selling at the apogee. Below are some challenges in Digital Marketing for 2019.

Modus Operandi: Minimal Cost Maximum effect

In this everlasting battle between the brands/companies to at a prodigy and get on the apogee, the main concern is a commensurate budget, without which one cannot stand out from its competitors. It’s sometimes considered that the Google algorithm undergoes mercurial changes, which could be slightly brand-biased. However, as per Google, that’s not an accurate expression. But in the vicinity of Google’s algorithm where no one knows how it works any assumptions made could be considered purely uncorroborated.

Audience Categorization: In digital marketing, segmenting and categorized will result in maximum ROI. Segmentation of the audience is one of the most integral parts, this not only helps in making things organized, and managing the audience based most becomes easy. However, the segmentation and categorization purely work on the type of business you run, your target audience, and your behavior.

Where to invest?

The main quest of the digital marketer is the investment and where to do it. The investment of time as well as money is the most integral part and must be planned with utmost sincerity. The most efficient way would be investing locally, where “local” to a business may be a particular city or a region depending upon the type of business. Here, Google My Business plays an important role in making sure that the profile is updated, as most of the established businesses do not.

Where to spend?

Maintaining the budget and getting the most out of it, is one of the most onerous tasks. There are many tasks to be spent on such as just even for advertisements, there are two broad categories Ad Words and SMM.

Ranking Competition & Introduction of AI

When it comes to being the best everyone what to be on the top of the search engines. While now 95% of the internet user makes a Google search it all comes down to the daunting SEO. This is the most integral part of getting known and for getting known, the keyword choice must be just “awesome” that you always come on the top, use maximum back, and make sure there’s no stuffing. The challenging part – knowing the spiders and the basics of organic structure. Also with the development of artificial Intelligence various machine learning tools are being developed such as Wordsmith, Quill, or Articoulo. These can create links and also respond to surveys and generate keywords just by analyzing the content on the website.

Below are some “proven ways” you may consider.

  • Don’t SEO the traditional way: We all will agree, that SEO now isn’t just as simple as it traditionally seems to be. It requires strategies like not tailing short phrases. Optimizing the keywords intelligently such as by using a powerful AI tool Moz. Use Google’s strategies such as prediction service etc by including examples in your phrases. You can even use Google SERP an intelligent service for optimizing the keywords according to the needs.
  • Budget shortageThe budget shortage may be a point of significant problem for small business owners or sometimes for other businesses too. Google ranking demands a lot of money pouring to make a place for you in the top three. This is not the end, go for another Google-owned product- YouTube. Well, as per the stats it alone fetched 1.2 billion visits and 5x of the video hours per month. Make a short video and bring it on with video marketing. Videos are also a part of Google search as well.
  • The customer is always right!: In the end, all you want is the most customers, making customer service an integral part. Now all businesses are racing towards making their customer services more customer-centric. Also, little-known Google results do not only look for the most relevant source but also the one with one of the best reviews and the most talked about. Get the best of the advertisements using predictive tools by behavior analysis, most recently used by Facebook.

Go Social – Get them all

The advancement of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, have made them earn a global reputation, With being easy and quick it can do wonders, post something for the world to see instantly, isn’t that crazy? With increasing voice reorganization optimization, try to coincide with Google Assistant, Alexa, and SIRI.

Check your posting frequency

Most companies, post more than once a day depending upon the channels, and so do your competitors. But wait here’s a catch- watch your content. Content being posted is the most important and a gem for any post. The content should be personalized for the majority of customer’s likes, this can be done again by the utilization of various AI-based monitoring software such as Google Analytics or Tabula.

  • Be an offer god: You may not be the only one out there offering something out there; there are your competitors around. So what will make the people choose you, the answer is the offers. The offers must be relevant to the customer’s needs and the SEO comes into place where when someone searches for the “best offer for a product” your name should pop up.
  • Did you make a bunch happy? Spread the word: It’s all about your reputation in the market; tell each of your happy customer experiences to the world. You can ask the customers to do so, get some pictures, or ask them to do so. This may be a bit challenging but they spread the word.


Digital marketing is without a doubt a revolution in the Artificial marketing era. With the emerging technologies, deep learning, and AI developments, marketing hasn’t been just on an individual company basis. It has itself converted into a business. With the growing years the technology is also growing and so are the challenges.

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