Differences b/w Website Design & Graphic Design _ XenelSoft
February 21, 2018

Website design and Graphic design are two aspects that require a deeper understanding of typography, principles of design, and graphics. Although they might look similar and many people think of them as one certain differences make them distinct from each other. Down below are a few differences that people need to know about.

Website design and Graphic design difference _ XenelSoft

Colour Contrast

The types of colors involved in both designs are completely different. Graphic designs have more and more use of CMYK color mode to give more emphasis to visual impact, whereas website designs have more use of RGB to avoid visual fatigue on the part of users or visitors.


The task of website design is to execute the dynamic elements of a business, to create lively visual effects, and to make designs that can interact with the audience without much ado. Whereas the graphic designs don’t necessarily have to be fussy about creating dynamic elements or say going with the lively effects, they have to be static and original in totality.

Material or Platform

The graphic designs being unique and dynamic have ample opportunity to spread and to be on platforms like clothes, papers, and many others.


The graphic designs don’t stress the size of the graphics or font of the image, as the final deliverable will be worthy if the design is talking. Web designs are all about being focused and attentive to font criteria because such designs have a large role to play. They have the task to be displayed on different screen sizes accurately.

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