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March 18, 2020

You might have used Instagram, a big social media giant with dark mode and other new functionality. If you are using another Facebook giant- the world’s most popular messaging app and wishing it should have “dark mode” too, then we have good news for you. Facebook officially launched a dark mode for Whatsapp in iOS and Android.

The dark mode for Whatsapp gives options that swap brighter backgrounds for the darker one. According to Whatsapp, the dark mode was launched on 3rd March 2020 and the purpose of releasing the dark mode is they want to minimize eye fatigue by choosing colors.

Dark Mode For WhatsApp _ XenelSoft

Ways to Activate the Mode in IOS and Android

If you are running iOS 13 or Android 10 then you can activate the dark mode by following methods:

For Android:

Go to the setting then click on the display and select the Dark theme that you want to apply on your mobile.

For iPhones:

For iPhones, you just need to go to the settings then display & brightness option and select the mentioned dark theme.

If you are using an older version of android then you can just go to the settings then chats after that go to the theme and select Dark theme there.

The dark mode designing is based upon the readability and information hierarchy for the user. With the dark mode, the eye fatigue will be minimized and it uses the color closer to the OS of the mobile.

This also helps in focusing the attention on the screen without any stress for the eyes. There are other elements too that can help the user in stress-free focusing.

Everything is digital now and every manufacturer of the device on which you are working is focusing on making the user experience better and comfortable. This new Whatsapp update can help you reduce the stress on the eyes that are caused while operating mobile for a long time.

In addition to this, the Facebook-owned Whatsapp also adds security features that can help you in password protecting the messages and media backups. This is now available for the beta version. We hope you are enjoying the dark mode. If you have any queries regarding this blog then comment on the section given below.

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