New Search Console Features to Improve Performance
January 10, 2018

We can see how Google has made our life easier, especially for online businesses with its new features and attributes, with which business owners can learn about how their business website is performing online in a more transparent and scalable manner. Recently, Google has announced its new search console features where it is easy to identify how businesses are performing more proficiently. It will be easy for websites to become more communicative with the audience and to form a responsive user- interface with end-users. The features are – a search performance report, AMP status report, and Job posting report. Let’s just understand them in detail now.

Search Console new features_XenelSoft

Search Performance Report

This new feature is similar to that of search analytics reports and can provide users with 16 months of data altogether. With this feature, it will be easy to see the CTR, average position of the website, clicks, impressions, and many other important aspects. It lets you filter performance based on the web, image, video search, and many others. Not only that, but it will also segment the results based on the query, page, the country we want to check, the type of device being used, and other many aspects as well.

Job Posting Report

This feature is very productive for those businesses or websites that have to deal with job listings, as this feature will guide the performance or statistics of those job listings. Not only that, but it will also help to eradicate the issues associated with its indexing and will help to solve them skillfully.

AMP Status Report

This report will help to signal the problem related to AMP URLs and it will diagnose them on high priority. Later, it will fix the issues related to those affected URLs and will provide the AMP report to the external users or team.

The above are the few new add-on features that Google has announced recently to make the life of online businesses way easier. It is time to learn how these changes can be significant for the growth of your brand with the guidance of an SEO Company.

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