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January 24, 2018

Earlier Google took speed as a factor for loading web pages on desktop faster but this time the search engine has tried to impose this factor on mobile searches as well. From July onwards a new feature called “Speed update” will come into the picture, where mobile pages that load slower will be placed at the bottom and the pages which load faster will be visible in the top results. This feature is going to bring an effect on searches, as a lot of searches are being done on a daily basis.

Google page Speed Update _ XenelSoft

Google New Speed Update

It is observed that the majority of searches are done via mobiles, so this feature is going to benefit the searchers primarily as they do not have to waste their time on a page that takes years to load. However, the main dilemma is for the website owners who have to strive hard to make their websites load faster. Owners do not have to worry because Google is going to incentivize a few sites so that they can successfully adopt the feature called AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to let their websites load quickly.

The speed update will affect those websites only which take time to load and are deteriorating the user experience. However, a benchmark by webmasters has not been pre-decided where it will be certain which websites will be covered for this change. Google only wants developers to think ahead and understand how various user experience metrics can be very important.

Overall, a website should be able to deliver what a user has been looking for instead of giving him a hard time loading the result pages. If the developers can achieve this, then the websites will see a rise in their performance only.

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