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August 2, 2014

While e-commerce sites must be crammed with information because they don’t know who’s going to be a potential buyer, for other business owners, web design needs are different. These days, online buyers shop by conducting a Google search. If he or she doesn’t find what one wants, the buyer moves on.

For this reason, it’s important to have a very simple and direct web design through which the user can find the information required quickly, especially if you have a site on which you’re selling your products or services. If, instead, your site is crammed with reams of text, your site is meaningless to this potential buyer.

What your simple web design should feature:

If your e-commerce web design has good aesthetics, you can be sure customers will return here often.

If you’re selling a product or service, provide ample information about it. You can have a collapsible “Learn more” link if you like so that the page isn’t text-heavy.

The fewer the clicks to buy a product, the more interested your customers will be in buying from you again.

Make it direct and simple so that anyone on it can make a sale. If it seems intimidating to anyone, he or she will turn away from it.

Don’t divide your page into too many columns or your text will be relegated to the background. This means less information is available to the potential buyer and more on extra products that he or she may not be interested in buying.

Too many options to the buyer mean delaying a decision or a sale. So, the website designing services should be so done that it does not make the buyer think too hard before making a choice. Often, if one cannot make a decision, a potential buyer moves on without deciding or making a sale. This will help to simplify the buying process and make the customer feel that he or she has made a good choice.

Provide your shoppers with a good search bar in a highly visible position on your page so that your customers don’t have to search for it. It should throw up suggestions as you key in your requirements. This will give your customers ample choice without having to key in the entire name of the product in question.

These basic pointers help you to get the maximum amount of traffic to your store site that hopefully converts into definite sales.

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