Is WordPress Theme Change Affects Your Website Ranking
August 28, 2019

Getting great rankings on the search engines for your WordPress site isn’t a simple task. Henceforth, keeping up the highest position on various search engines is critical to composing a growth story for your business.

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Is it prescribed to change the WordPress theme of your website? How might it affect your business and how to do it in the best possible way?

Regardless of how cautiously you change the WordPress theme or if you have chosen the best SEO-friendly WordPress theme, it will irrefutably affect the SEO ranking of the website.

Site owners who utilize free WordPress themes change the themes much of the time and if they neglect to consider conceivable SEO ranking issues that may emerge out of it, it is a subject of genuine concern.

We should know how a WordPress theme change can influence the site’s SEO rankings and traffic:

1. Custom Settings Are No Longer the Same

When you change a WordPress theme, you come to realize that the old custom settings are no longer feasible. Specific features of the themes will be lost and it is a tedious practice to do it once more. If another WordPress theme does not have similar features, you have to hire a developer for theme customization. The most ideal route is to talk about this issue with your development team and pick a WordPress theme that has similar features.

2. HTML Order Gets Affected

Google linearly reads the HTML. If you have content boxes and tables, they can be deciphered unexpectedly. Also, Google spiders have various strategies to see the content, and picking an alternate topic may endanger the site’s positioning as it were. Besides, you can’t overlook the significance of keywords in the Google Algorithm as well. Keywords and semantic keywords get weighting depending on where they are put in the principal content.

If another theme by and large changes the way the web search tool bugs read HTML, it will doubtlessly affect your position and eventually, your site traffic.

3. Metadata Changes with a New Theme

Metadata plays a huge role in positioning your situation in various search engines. You additionally need to guarantee that the Title tags and Meta Descriptions are indistinguishable. Continuously utilize the equivalent plug-ins and gadgets in the new theme and you will almost certainly maintain your position to a quantifiable degree.

4. Change in Permalinks Affects the Rankings

During the change to a WordPress theme, it is significant that you keep this challenge in mind. You have to guarantee that the permalinks in the new theme and old theme are the same and you need to check physically whether these links take you to similar posts or pages or not.

There is an option in case you can’t make the equivalent permalinks. Create a 301 redirect for each post to the old permalink URL. By doing it, a 404 error won’t display and it is valuable for your ranking positions.

5. Page Speed and Bounce Rate Gets Changed

The loading speed of two themes can never be the equivalent and it can turn into a reason for less traffic when you change the theme. The bounce rate is likewise a great concern and it can radically influence your SEO service traffic you have to guarantee that the new theme you picked has an excellent loading speed.

6. It’s Difficult to Maintain All the Existing Links

All the existing links leaving the website must be equivalent to the old theme and it is an overwhelming errand.

During the theme change, you need to look at the whole link structure of the website including links to images, graphics, different archives, advert links, sidebar links, and others. You have to investigate them and guarantee that they are working.

Proposals While Changing a WordPress Theme

If you feel that your WordPress theme no longer speaks to your business in the most ideal and important way, you can go for a WordPress theme change.

Nonetheless, you have to consider that the progress does not affect the SEO rankings of the site, and for that, here is a list of proposals you can work on during the change.

  • Always keep a backup of the data
  • Counsel an expert before changing the theme
  • Pick an SEO-friendly theme

If you truly need to move your site to a new theme, you have to guarantee that it is taken care of wisely and keep your eyes open. Nonetheless, it isn’t prudent to change the WordPress themes frequently as it probably won’t look great to the extent site marking is concerned.

Additionally, if you need to change the theme, the most ideal way is to pick a topic that is similar to the current one. Notwithstanding that, you likewise need to guarantee that the theme is SEO well disposed of as well.

Hope this post was useful to you and you will think twice before changing the WordPress theme of your website frequently.

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