Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on Digital Marketing _ XenelSoft
November 29, 2017

The term digital marketing is an umbrella filled with marketing efforts. It is leveraged by various channels like Google, social media, email, and much more to connect with prospective customers across the globe. The term internet of Things (IoT) is generally defined as a network of daily use physical devices so that big data can be exchanged in a fraction of a second. The use of IoT has been established in various fields like agriculture, health and medicine, transportation, architecture, and many more. With this, digital marketers can make the most of the advantage. When various devices or objects are connected via an Internet-based network, it will help to know the target customers in a better way only.

Impact of IOT on digital marketing _ XenelSoft

Many marketers are not aware of how impactful this technology can be to nurture their business in the long run. Some are still in the debate regarding whether to have this technology or not. We would like to mention a few effects that are certainly going to be developed in the coming years.

When a large number of customers are connected via this technology, it will be easy to study consumer behavior more accurately. It will be assured what strategy or use of tools can fancy them. With this, marketers can focus on a more personalized way of sales or ad campaigns to target substantial customers.

When big data is shared between the business and customers, there will be a revolution in market research. The marketers will easily evaluate the sensitive needs of each individual with this. Once the customers are habitual in using IOT-enabled home appliances, the implication for marketers will become huge.

58% of businesses stated that privacy will be the biggest challenge in front of this technology. Therefore, marketers will have to set up pre-determined guidelines regarding the safety of sharing the data. Customers will also have to be careful with whom they are sharing their personal information as chances of hacking or malfunctioning activities are likely to grow too.

With great innovation, you are likely to receive some major challenges as well. The key to withstand these challenges is to prepare in advance. If you are looking forward to learning more about this technology then acquire help from digital marketing services.

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