IOT The Game Changer -Industrial Revolution For Growth And Production
January 29, 2020

IOT The Game Changer

Transformation in our manufacturing, Information technology, and other industries came in the mid 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries when the industrial revolution changed the way we work. The rise of digital technology changed everything and now the world is experiencing yet another industrial revolution- IoT (Internet of Things).

Nowadays, many companies are adopting this technology for the ease of their business and production. It makes everything accessible, efficient, and affordable. IoT is all about connecting different devices and acquiring better data. This in turns results in better output for the user’s experience. This sounds good, right? But can we expect to revolutionize things from it in the coming years? How will it benefit our future? Let’s learn about it. Read on!


Study shows that the reason behind adopting IoT worldwide by the big organization is that it increases the productivity of their workforce, increases the quality and boost the quantity of the service they provide. Nowadays, Customers that a company is a target are willing to give access to data to achieve the best and to higher productivity. This is due to communication, machine to machine communication. Let’s understand the impact of IoT in different industries. 


For industries, IoT works as connecting the number of devices via the internet. This billion of devices will make a connection and it increases the sharing of data. This shared data will always remain the point of concern about the privacy and security of data. But the IoT services provider is aware of security concerns and they will offer security measures for them. It is safe.


With AI and machine learning, companies build a scientific model and it helps in getting meaningful insights and knowledge from it. The future of AI with IoT space is very bright. For example, applications of AI in IoT are GPS based tracking, Robotics, security and many more.


It was said that IoT technology is with the end consumer products but in the future, the biggest drive for technology will be from the manufacturing industry. Study says that more than 60% are using IoT services all over the world.


The big data and IoT work together. IoT depends on data and without any action taken on data it is useless. Without big data analytics will not collect the information. Both these technologies can work for each other.

There are a lot of things to talk about IoT. The future will provide you with can help your daily life. That’s why it is important beneficial to know this. If you have any queries regarding IoT then you can contact us anytime. You can comment the section given below.

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