Ways to Improve Voice Search Rankings _ XenelSoft
April 25, 2018

The time has come when it has become indispensable to focus on the voice searches made by important users over a network or via any device. According to findings, nearly 44% of adults and around 55% of teens are fond of using voice search and these percentages have been growing ever since exponentially. Voice search is a voice search recognition technology that allows users to make vocal searches rather than writing one. Search engines with the help of technologies like NPL i.e. natural language processing, TTS i.e. text to speech, and many other tools supported by popular search engines like Google provide the user with the solutions to their asked queries. It is the task of every business spread over the internet to optimize the voice search for their websites. Here are a few tips that can help businesses to initiate their search marketing strategy.

Improve voice search _ XenelSoft
  1. The first thing to make sure of is that the website is mobile-friendly and is all updated with the best practices of Google’s mobile SEO.
  2. Local searches should be optimized and must have more usage of “near me” in every possible query.
  3. When planning for the keywords and the content, it is important to make sure that these keywords are suitable to the conversational tone or intonation that people have while they speak.

With the rise in voice search, the keywords will not be just about a single word, it will be all about the long-tail keywords, paragraphs, phrases, and much more. And other than that, it will be of the utmost necessity to focus on the conversational tones and intonation different people have because there are 196 countries in the world and each of them has its different language. Therefore, it has become much more important than earlier to improve voice searches for rewarding rankings. The best Digital marketing agency has a grasp over key aspects that can make businesses handy with the vocal searches performed by different individuals.

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