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February 20, 2019

Go With Logo Trends in 2019-2024

The logo is the face of your business or brand. It is the logo with which people will remember your brand. With time, even the face of humans changes, so why shouldn’t be there a change in the face of your brand? A new year calls for a new start, new opportunities, and new logo trends. To adapt to the times, all great brands change, modify, or update their logos.

New Logo Design to Attract Audience

Given below are the top logo trends that you should go for in the year 2019-2024  to attract the attention of your audience:-

  • Semi-Flat Logo: Stand out amongst your competitors by giving your logo a three-dimensional feel. These are popular because they look particularly strong online.
  • Gradient Logo: The gradient logos have continued to grow since Instagram chose it as their latest rebranding back in 2016.
  • 80s-Inspired Logo: In the 80s, graphic designs comprised bold colors, striking patterns, and a firm belief in maximalism. 2019 is back with similar design trends in logos.
  • Textbox Logo: Although not necessarily a new idea, the textbox logo will be adopted in 2019 because it offers a whole lot of usage than images. The boxes allow the font to become more prominent against any type of background, bring the text together, and give a little bit of a retro look.
  • Geometric Logo: Shapes communicate different meanings in graphic design. Incorporate geometric shapes into a moderate configuration to achieve a cutting-edge and smooth logo and make it recognizable on a wide range of mediums.
  • Neon Logo: Everyone is in love with the vibes and vibrancy of the neon look. Adapt neon in your logo in 3D format, blend it with the 80s-inspired logo, or keep your logo primarily for print and digital collateral, watch your logo seen differently and effectively because of its statement font and color palette.
  • Single Image Logo: A single image logo is potentially more effective than word logos. These types of logos are also effective because people are very busy nowadays, and the brand will have to win over the customers in just two or three seconds.
  • Hand Drawn Logo: To distinguish yourself from your competitors, push back yourself towards more subtle, vintage-style logos. Use bold and highly customized hand-drawn logos and give a sense of authenticity to your customers.
  • Fine Line Logo: Fine line logos will be dominating 2019. Aside from just being versatile, fine-line logos act as building blocks of design and can be adapted and manipulated easily.
  • Bubble Lettering Logo: Your business personality should be communicated through your logo. Bubble lettering logos provide modern typography with a bit of personality. Additionally, it provides a slightly retro feel, giving a vibe that you have been around for a while.


Incorporate the above-mentioned trends and design a cutting-edge logo to stay on top of your business.

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