Role of Technology in Human Resource (HR) Department
August 22, 2018

Lately, technology has been revolutionizing the Human Resource (HR) industry in keeping a track of the employee data, file storage and analyzing employee performance. It is strengthening the HR practices to help companies manage themselves better. Let us understand the main HR practices in detail.

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Facilitating Recruitment

Before the advent of the internet, it was difficult to connect with job seekers. Arrives 21st century and the companies start posting their job openings online to draw job seekers through an applicant tracking system. It relieves an HR of hassles that require him or her to deal with the personal calls and physical resumes as the requirements arise. Online application forms are usually presented in a standardized format to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Open Communication

Slow real-time responses and confusing instructions may send the applicants away. Today, we can easily get in touch with them through emails and text messages. Every time the manager wishes to share a schedule with his or her project team, an email of the conversation or attachment spreads the word at once with people. Relying on technology saves time when delivering information in groups.

Analyzing Data

To analyze employee performance is crucial for an organization in building future business operations and so, it depended upon individual assessments and standards. Technology made it easier to collect employee information on the task time, performance goals, and the supervisor’s opinion for a clear idea of evaluation. As data collection, as well as analysis, is undertaken, the HR role seems simplified but not infringing upon their privacy.

Strengthening Security

The employee records are secured in a file cabinet only to be retrieved anytime. In fact, cloud storage and electronic imaging has changed the way data management is seen. As security is an important matter, good HR policies must be in place to protect confidential data – both electronic and physical.

Training the Workforce

On the job, training improves the working capabilities, and technology has made it easier. The remote workers can now better access the company training materials anywhere, anytime. Besides, live virtual classes of video streaming and webinars are moderated to benefit the workers.

Employer Branding

It is an important goal to be achieved in organizations for (Human Resource)HR managers ensuring better talent acquisition. With technology at our disposal, the goal can be quickly achieved through blogging, online PR, and social media not only to absorb prospective talents but keeping the community engaged.


Disha Sharma, an experienced HR Professional, who believes that every experience has a source of knowledge and is the best teacher. As a HR Manager, her focus is not only HR but also believe in versatility & resourcefulness. For more visit our social media handles like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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