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June 21, 2018

Tap on Snap Map, the latest feature added to your Bitmoji over the Snapchat app. From now onwards, it will keep up with whatever you are doing. The app is to have two more features now to the Bitmoji Snap Map, making it more interactive. These have been named World Effects and Weather and they can let you see easily what your friends are up to.

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It is unlike the Actionmoji option of Snap Map that makes predictions on what you are up to through sensing your movements. The new effects rely on other information that Snapchat knows related to your present location or date. Identifying with its name, Weather Effects renders an animated version depending upon the existing weather pattern of the place where your friends are.

Zoom in to Bitmoji

Zoom in over the map Bitmoji to see animated raindrops, snow, or sunshine based on their current location. Similarly, World Effects provides an animation effect to mark culturally significant events. These effects are more like a surprise. Coming just a year after the launch of Snap Map, this update is an effort in the direction of making the map more user-friendly for people to connect better.

The idea is to let your personalized Bitmoji breathe more on the humane side. The update was rolled out in operation when location-based Snap Maps were fast gaining popularity for an ability to offer a real-time look. It relates to all live happenings making this feature a greater priority while staying light-hearted. It is for people to remain connected and pull off better interaction.

Continuing to Innovate

Snapchat continues to innovate its ideas to keep it playful and personal to spread some liveliness around. The additionally incorporated features have drawn another benefit for Snap. They let users feel comfortable sharing their location with their loved ones. It has been observed that 50 percent of the people using the Snap Map feature went out of their way to opt for location sharing with one friend at least.

As people are more concerned about their privacy today than ever, their willingness to location sharing is a significant development. It is because your background location is not used and you are part of a closely-knit group. Being a social media agency in India, are you listening? Are you implementing this for your running client businesses? Start to snap chatting for SMO services in India!

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