Technological Trends That Drive My Attention Email Marketing
September 12, 2018

Information loaded with plain text and creative images no longer appeal the online audience and fail to attract them towards your post. Today, the internet users only focus on those content that are displayed in the most innovative and dynamic manner.

With the introduction of latest technological trends in the digital industry, email marketing has become extremely popular and stands as one of the most adopted digital marketing strategy. Through email marketing I can add liveliness in the information that I convey to my subscribers. Let me first highlight the latest trends that have evolved in email marketing.

Email Marketing

Keyframe Animations

Animations are something that catches every human beings attention and the usage of animation to display your information can just drive more and more people towards your content. One of the major reasons why I like email marketing is due to the feature of keyframe animations. Through this feature, I can develop an interactive atmosphere for the audience. Besides this, a person can showcase his content in the form of menus, lists, speech, videos, etc.

Game Zone

There are majority of internet users who love to play games despite acquiring old age or adulthood. Games that offer rewards to the guests are just irresistible. Now-a-days, in email marketing service, the marketers display their content accompanied with a short survey or game that provides rewards or vouchers to its visitors on successful completion of the tasks.

Live Video

Most of the human beings prefer videos over still images or simple text and so the internet developers introduced the feature of live video for marketers to enhance the impact of their messages. Through this feature, a person can shoot a video on the spot and can attach it in his or her email. It not only generates heavy traffic but also elaborates the real purpose of the email.

I hope this information must have raised your interest towards e-mail marketing by now. Was there any feature that was extremely new for you or you think that I might have left out some other essential feature? Leave your comment in case you feel either of the above.

Holding several years of expertise in e-mail marketing, Natwar Negi has enhanced the brand image of several companies through his skills. Besides being a marketing enthusiast he has a strong liking of music. He holds an optimistic approach towards life and is a very adventurous person.

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