Effective Ways to Write Headline & Get Your Brand Customers
March 6, 2019

A headline is the first thing that will gain you the right customers. Your business does not want every kind of person. You should aim for the audience which will eventually turn into your customers.

Get Your Brand More Customers

A great headline is made to fit its environment. But how would you ensure that your headline is up to the mark? Writing a headline is not as easy a task as it seems. If the headline is not attractive and informative enough, your business will not be able to target your potential customers and might also lose your existing ones.

To prevent this scenario from taking place, we are discussing here the most effective ways that will help you in writing a great headline and your business will attract the right customers. Read the complete post to know about these ways in detail.

  • Establish your brand’s purpose for the content: The heading you create should serve the purpose of your company. Your company serves re than one purpose, and that’s okay too. But the heading should incorporate the most important purpose of all. Also, you can use different headlines for secondary and tertiary purposes.
  • Characterize the audience in the headline: When you are writing the content, you should always remember your audience. Your content could be seen by anybody. But is that what you want? No. Then consider who specifically wants to see and read your content while writing the headline. You should craft the headline keeping the right audience.
  • Understand the motive to read the content: At this point, the aim should be to explain the unique attributes of the content. Before writing the heading, understand why would anybody stop reading this content. Is the content informational, or entertaining, or actionable? You have to understand the value of content for the customer and then craft a headline.
  • Keep the heading precise: Ensure that the heading is accurate both in fact and in sentiment. Do not neglect, obstruct, or scandalize the truth for the sake of getting clicks.
  • Include a hook line: Always pack a punch in your heading. Ask yourself where’s the hook? Include active verbs and concise language for a powerful headline.
  • Understand your brand’s voice and use it: The headline promotes the content for your brand. Therefore, the headline should reflect your brand’s voice. While crafting a good headline, you must understand the voice of your brand and should use it in the heading.
  • Test your headline before publishing: Always test the headlines before publishing. Ask opinions from your colleagues and other employees in your office. To get feedback, share the headline with them and ask questions like would they click on the headline to read more? If yes, why? If not, why not? What can they decipher by reading the headline? Answers to these questions might help you in crafting a great headline for the content.


Mentioned above are the 7 checkpoints to create great headlines for content marketing. Your headline should give the purpose, the intended audience, and the unique reason to read the content. By getting these points right, you will have a powerful headline for your content.

Hope this post will help you to easily craft punch-packed headlines for your content and increase your brand’s quality and quantity of audience. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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