Tips for Refactoring Cascading Style Sheets Effectively
February 7, 2018

CSS or cascading style sheet is a mechanism that adds style, fonts, colors, and spacing to different web documents. We know refactoring is a process through which the existing code can be restructured so that the internal structure can be improved without interrupting the external behavior.

Website designing

Effectiveness of CSS

The website designers and developers who have to work constantly with the syntax and unruly codes can only understand the biggest turmoil facing them.

The task of refactoring a code base is a very lengthy and human resource-heavy process. It requires countless hours to go through certain websites or applications. The main aim of this entire process is to eliminate unrequired codes so that further performance of a website can be enhanced without any indulgence of higher cost. Even if the current performance of the website is slowing down and hampering the desired outputs, then it is high time to consider this method.

In general, the best way to go with any process is to identify its perks or benefits in the long run. In this process, it is important to ascertain the advantages of the refactoring as well. With this process, it becomes easy for the developers to work as it uses standard code, writes useful comments, avoids global code, and uses meaningful names and structure so that the site can become more readable and approachable. Along with the fewer bugs, the websites become more responsive and suitable for user experience. Also, a poor code structure leads to timely maintenance and expenditure but with a strong source code, the expenses and costs can be kept at bay.


Well, generally there are times when refactoring isn’t necessary, if the website is not slowing down or getting hampered then it is not the right time to do so. Also, if rewriting the entire CSS code is taking a toll then going for the refactoring from scratch will be influential for a sustainable website. Contact a website designing company to know how a website can become responsive and suitable for user experience.

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