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April 10, 2019

Most people see the LinkedIn profile as their online resume, where you list your recent jobs and what you accomplished at them. You send connection requests to present and past partners, alongside companions in your professional circles. You give and request confirmations and recommendations. You keep your profiles clean and appealing. You then adopt an inbound marketer’s strategy, where you sit back, unwind, and hang tight for that dream job or that dream client to find you.

Best Platform for Brand Publishing

However, LinkedIn is more of a conversation than an online resume. You might wonder, why? This is because conversations drive further commitment with your audience and help you increase thought leadership in your industry. You have an amazing opportunity to associate with your audience further develop that relationship and begin having discussions with them when somebody connects on your content.

Now, get ready to look at some strategies on how to use LinkedIn as a brand publishing platform.

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  • Strategize your post formulation: LinkedIn provides 1300 characters to post to your profile. You must take advantage of that extra space. Long-form updates receive much more visibility than short updates on LinkedIn.
  • Tag people in your posts: Many times, if you post something on LinkedIn, it is not visible to people because of three major reasons:
    • Number of updates posted on LinkedIn
    • The newsfeed algorithm of LinkedIn
    • Lack of all-day-long users on LinkedIn

    When you tag people on your posts, they get notifications, and the chances of them viewing your posts increase. This means when a couple of clients engage with your post, it’s seen by their connections and probably their connections, etc.

  • To get discovered, add hashtags: Hashtags increase your discoverability over a social media platform. And the same goes for LinkedIn. Nowadays, it has even become simpler because LinkedIn suggests hashtags to you according to your posts. You can select the ones for which you need updates.
  • Use native videos on your posts: When you share a native video on LinkedIn, it means that you are uploading a file from your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop directly onto the platform. LinkedIn algorithm likes native video I does not count links to a video hosted elsewhere.
  • Escalate content beyond LinkedIn: You must amplify your content beyond LinkedIn. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This helps in escalating your content to other platforms.

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