Ways to Boost Your Startup Growth Through Facebook Ads
August 29, 2018

Your business requires you to focus upon fetching customer feedback through finding a product match for markets over bringing more users. So, you try to come up with solutions that resolve the problems of your customers. Facebook is among the ideal platforms to realize those solutions. For many, Facebook Ads act as an acquisition channel. They are considered as the best tools available to carry out customer research.

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Let Your Business Idea Resonate

You can use Facebook Ads for your business to pilot among the customers. The strategy is simple -to attract potential users. The first step is to build a landing page by signing up for a personal beta invite. Then, certain Facebook Ads are ran targeting the interests of potential users who are seeking a solution from your enterprise. As the ads are monitored through a Click Through Rate (CTR) as well as the landing page conversions, it gives an idea of the target audience engagement.

Understand Your Audience

If the ads are ignored, they have not proved to be of any required value. Again, if they have been clicked upon, but no conversion happened; it might appear that the idea has been attractive, but the value proposition remained weak. In this case, Begin your ad from A/B split testing over different demographics and interests to understand and target the potential customers better. Utilize the conversion tracking to figure out the highest rate among them.

Set the Launch Through Segregating Targets

I am sure, as of now, you are ready with your desired audience as per the business. Once you have established the specifics of an audience as per demographics and interests, roll out targeted ads. They let you gain better exposure, increase the Click Through Rate (CTR), lower advertising costs and deliver ROI.

Reach Your Subscriber Network Through Custom Audiences

The Custom Audiences let you reach your target prospects through emails, phone numbers, and Facebook IDs. Find early adopters through your LinkedIn connections who already trust you and are interested in your business and its offerings. Frame a personalized message accompanied with the name and picture to leave them intrigued.

Find Relevant Users Through Lookalikes

They let you create lists based upon the characteristics of the current connections you have. Here, the new users are targeted based upon similarity and the reach established.

Custom Audience from Website Option for Re-targeting Visitors

26 percent of your website visitors may come back for a sign up on being re-targeted. Embedding a tracking pixel over the website may create targeted audiences as per the key user page views.

Generate Leads Through Facebook Ads

Get a downloadable lead magnet like a tool, eBook, email course or template for using Facebook Ads generating business leads. Integrate a landing page to divert users for filling forms and downloading resources. They provide a call-to-action for users while driving the website traffic.

Gaining Back Old Users

Addearly users, such as first signups and private beta invitees back to your business through seeking out services of social media agency. Call Xenelsoft Now!


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