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December 27, 2017

Newly launched Bootstrap 4 is creating a buzz in the market because of its free front-end framework for easy and fast web development. This version of Bootstrap supports HTML and CSS design templates for various components like buttons, tables, image carousels, typography, and plugging for JavaScript with improved features. This version is a master in creating responsive web designs.

Bootstrap 4 updates _ XenelSoft

A responsive web design is a design that can help websites adjust automatically on different platforms like desktops, gadgets, mobile phones, and many more. This Bootstrap 4 version is suitable for all types of browsers and platforms except for Internet Explorer 9 and down.

The following are some extensive features of this newly launched version that one should know about.

Everyone Can Use

There is no rule of thumb required to use this advanced version, anyone with HTML and CSS knowledge can get access to it either via CDN or from link

Compatible with All Browsers

This version is compatible to run on all the new age and current web browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, and many others.

Mobile Supportive

This Bootstrap 4 is more mobile supportive. “Mobile-first styles” is the major part of this framework.

More Responsive Than Before

Now the toll of adjusting websites according to the devices will not be a concern anymore. This version is more responsive than ever and allows designs or websites to adjust automatically on different devices.

Major differences between Bootstrap 3 and 4

The following are the major differences between them.

  1. Bootstrap 3 uses “LESS” as source CSS files whereas Bootstrap 4 uses “SCSS”.
  2. In Bootstrap 3, the 4 grid tier system is used, whereas in the new one 5 grid tier system is used.
  3. For images, the version 3 applies the .img-responsive class, whereas the latest version uses the .img-fluid class.

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